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Wilson Middle School Dress Code 2016 – 2017

Students may wear:

  • Pants, shorts, sport shorts, dresses, and skirts of any color.
  • Tops can be any color or style as long as shoulders and midriffs are covered.
  • Shorts and skirts need to be longer than the finger tips when arms are extended to the side.
  • Hats and hoods only outside the building.
  • Footwear needs to be safe for all school activities.

Student may NOT wear:

  • Leggings, tights, yoga pants unless worn under dress, skirts or shorts.
  • No torn jeans, pants, shorts or skirts with holes.
  • No bedtime slippers or flip flops.
  • No SAGGING allowed!
  • No trench coats or long over coats.
  • Any items deemed by administrations as disruptive to the educational process, such as gang attire or items with sexual, drug or alcohol messages and /or deemed unsafe.

We believe our dress code preserves the commitment to provide a safe and equitable school environment for all students. If in doubt please call 573-2400 to avoid a disruption to your students education time.